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In order to run the below scripts. You'll have to download In2Spss... Categories:


Test With this script you can test whether you can use In2Software´s SPSS Scripts or not.

The only thing this script does is to show the version of SPSS you are using.

Column Width Resets the width of variables to the default value.

Frequency Tables Use this spss script to make frequency tables of all the variables in your dataset.

C Tables C Tables

Crosstab This spss script let you select the variables for your crosstab and then make tables of all variables in your dataset.

Pivot Text Substitution With this spss script you can search and replace words in selected or all pivot tables in the output window.
Search and replace several words in one action.

Good for translations !!!


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This script makes an iterative weighting of your dataset. Just select the variables that contain information about gender, age and zip-code.
Then lean back and relax... Supported countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland

TableSet This script makes table sets of all the variables containing the sign "#" or a sign of your choise, in their name.

Syntax 2 Script Convert your syntax to script with this simple spss script.

TableLook Apply a tablelook to all tables in your output.

Clean Output Clean your spss output window for Logs, Notes, Titels and text.

Bold Totals Use this advanced spss script to make all your totals bold.

Can be used for other labels of your choise and applied to Label and data, label only, data only
Colors: black, Blue, Red, Green

Flip Pivot Tables With this script for spss you can flip rows and cols of all pivot tables in the output window.

Can also be applied to selected tables only.

Export Export selected tables or charts to other fileformats.

Export to:
or text files

Pivot Digits Enter the number of digits (decimal precision) you want in your selected pivot tables and let this spss script do the rest of the work.

Select all xxx With this free spss script you can select elements in your output window.

Select all tables, titles, notes etc... and save yourself for some trivial work...

Undo scientific notation Undo scientific notation in your pivot tables with this free spss script.

Rename Variables

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Use this script to rename some or all of the variables in your spss dataset.

This script uses search and replace for effective renaming.
Rename all your variables or select the variables you want to rename.

Find and Replace in cases

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Use this spss script to make "find and replace" operations on string variables in your datasets cases.

Missing Values With this spss script you can define your own missing values and apply them to all your variables.


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Categorization of open answers can be a time consuming and trivial task.
With this script we´ll save you from all the hassle ...

Unique ID Insert a unique ID (respID) in your dataset with this Spss Script

Table Formatting Export and format selected tables from your output window to Word.
Add a header with your company logo and a footer of your choise to each table.
Show horizontal or vertical gridlines or both. etc. etc.
Based on Html/css formatting for easier editing.

WeekNumber Create a weeknumber variable from a date variable of your choise.
ZIP Code Database